Rural development, done differently.

Anyone with friends or family living in Chelsea knows how passionately they talk about their good fortune at living there.  Chelsea is one of those special communities that immediately feel like home.  People love living here because it is really the best of all worlds.

Chelsea Highlands is a congestion-free, 20-minute drive to downtown Ottawa.  But, with so much right at your doorstep, you may often find yourself choosing to stick close to home.

Locator Map, Chelsea Highlands: Rural Development Done Differently
Larrimac Golf Early Morning


When we first walked this 90-acre site, we fell in love with the land.  Inspired by the beauty of the property, we decided to take a different approach to rural development – one founded on building a covenant with nature.

Our first priority was to minimize the impact of the project on the natural environment.  Working in concert with the Municipality of Chelsea, we first looked at how we could adjust municipal zoning to forever prohibit residential development on at least half of the property.

Next, we spent over 18 months working with experts to learn everything we could about the land.  Plant and animal biologists, ecosystem scientists, local historians, engineers and architects have informed the planning of the community and that of each individual property.  We took what we learned, threw out the rule book, and wrote our own: narrower roads; less tree cutting; less blasting; natural drainage; slower speeds; shared laneways; trail servitudes, communal gardens, a resident-owned park; legally protected greenspace – all designed for people and outdoor play.

Then, we focused on aesthetics – the way the road would follow the natural contours of the land; how to best showcase the great white pines and majestic oak; how to find the perfect balance of privacy and community for each individual home site.  To this we overlaid connections and amenities that would add vibrancy and richness to this new community.


A life-long resident of Chelsea, Carrie Wallace is an experienced land developer, passionate placemaker and community builder.  At the core of her projects is a recognition and celebration of nature and the preservation of the natural world.

Prior to Chelsea Highlands, Wallace co-founded the thriving Hendrick Farm project in Old Chelsea Village.  She continues to advocate for place-based initiatives, progressive land-use planning and lower-impact zoning regulations in a rural context.

An immediate neighbour to the Highlands and the Larrimac Golf & Tennis Club, Carrie has spent years skiing and running on the beloved Highland trails and is a fervent protector of the rich history of both the Larrimac Club and the forest.

Carrie Wallace, Chelsea Highlands


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